When I pray to my Gods, I don’t tend to actually ask for anything. Last night I did, however, for protection. I had been having nightmares again and one involved my phobia, which is very severe for me. I asked if they could keep those things out of my head, keep me safe.

This morning I woke up still clutching the golden owl watch I devoted to Haides and I feel more rested than usual. This past week I haven’t felt too well or like I was sleeping much.

Whatever it is, whether my own fears manifesting or a local spirit preying on me, They helped me combat it last night.

Haides is the Lord of Nightmares, the Underworld, with many at His command, and ages He spends dealing with gods, the dead, spirits alike; there is nothing He fears that He has already seen.

Artemis is a warrior, a protector, a hunter, Her anger and love akin to that of a lioness; fierce and unwavering, quick to strike and leave no questions behind.

Their wrath is not gentle, though Their favor is keen.

Praise to the Theoi, for they are strong and they are good. I thank Them for always helping me, saving me, guiding me, protecting me, even from myself.

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