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This blog is basically here for collecting information on all things related to Ancient Greece and Hellenic Polytheism, as well as a personal e-shrine to the Theoi. While it won't be too active, it will continue to remain open for those who need it.

Anon is on, however, if I receive hate orientated mail it will be deleted; this blog is meant to be a safe and resourceful place for everyone. If you need me to tag something, anything, please let me know!

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Some life updates for ya: I’m a certified dog groomer now! 


Minoan fresco, c. 1600 BC Crete


Statue of Zeus
Pergamon Museum
2nd century BCE


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Dionysos and Agathos Daimon (“Good Spirit”), genius of the soil around Vesuvius, Pompeii.

Shoutout to everyone who follows me still, especially during my massive lulls in any kind of content/activity at all. 

On a good note, also, I’m trying to whittle down how often I’m working, especially in a corporate business, and looking to find work at a pet service place that’s literally five minutes from my house. I’ve also been doing better on the personal health spectrum; I’ve finalllllyyy gone to the doctors. After wrestling how my new medical care works and being emotionally crippled by years of anxiety of even trying to do so on my own, I am being treated with the kind of compassion I was afraid I wasn’t going to find in the medical world. All in all, I will be getting many things taken care of.

I seriously appreciate so many of you, like I said before, who have stuck around, supported me, and encouraged me through many rough seasons. It means a lot, and has actually motivated me to find a way to help myself. So, really, thank you.

With all that said, I’m hoping to get my butt back in gear here and eventually have more energy agai. It really does make me sad that I don’t seem to have the wits or spoons to sit on this blog for too long, and to engage everyone as much as I used to, because I do miss it and the lot of you! 








is that poseidon? 

Yes, it is most definitely Poseidon.

Poseidon’s got a fine butt

This is extemely beautiful

Poseidon’s also got a fine back like damn

Poseidon has bubbles coming out of his ass

Proof that even the sea god farts.


Happy Mother’s Day!


[SEE-tus] When Cassiopeia, wife of King Cepheus of Ethiopia, boasted that she was more beautiful than the sea nymphs called the Nereids she set in motion one of the most celebrated stories in mythology, whose characters are commemorated in the sky. In retribution for the insult to the Nereids, the sea god Poseidon sent a monster to ravage the coast of Cepheus’s territory. That monster is represented by the constellation Cetus. #astronomy #science #studyingthestars #stars

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